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Creative Memorial Ideas

At Farewell Partners our mission is to honor the lives of those who have passed in a way that cultivates and celebrates the unique traits that made them who they were.

We’ve outlined a few of our favorite ways to do so below. We hope this inspires you as you plan and prepare to celebrate your loved one.


Memorial Painting | Consider hiring a painter to commission an original piece of art that captures the spirit of the person who has passed. Most artists can work from a photograph and through careful communication with the family, create a truly memorable and cherished piece of art. While there are likely many talented artists within your local community, shops on Etsy are also a great option.

Plant a Memorial Tree | Visiting the site of a loved one’s grave can often be challenging and bring back pain, so planting a memorial tree is a great option that breathes new life into the world while still reminding you of your loved one. There are many great companies that offer these services. More can be found here.

Memorial Stones | Similar to Memorial Trees, Memorial Stones can be completed by close friends and family members of the deceased. By offering guests a stone and permanent marker, guests can write a brief note, song lyric or memory of the departed. The family can then place the stones throughout their yard or in a special spot and re-visit them from time to time.

Virtual Gatherings | With families and friends spread far and wide, take travel burdens out of the equation by offering a virtual tribute for your loved one. Farewell Partners is pleased to offer three versions of a virtual gathering. Our Virtual Tribute is meant to bring loved ones together at the time of passing, especially when gathering is not possible due to social distancing. Our Birthday Tribute celebrates your loved one on their birthday. Take time to gather friends and family and toast to a life well lived over your loved ones favorite past times. Finally, our Milestone Tribute remembers your loved one on the anniversary of their passing. While visiting the grave site might be enough, others yearn to be re-connected to their family, friends and colleagues of the one who has passed. Our Milestone Tribute is meant to re-ignite those memories 5, 10, 15 or more years after their passing.

What unique ways have you celebrated a loved one?

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