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Grief Yoga

There are many paths that can be taken to deal with grief. Turning to Wellness and Grief Yoga is just one of the many positive ways to heal from the loss of a loved one, as it provides a safe and compassionate space to acknowledge one’s emotions and connect to the gift of life.

Grief Yoga uses many types of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and movement to help with the healing process. This practice is not about the asana or the movement, but about becoming present and aware of one’s own feelings and emotions in the given moment.

Grief Yoga is meant to provide the student with whatever they need at that time. It is not about the level of difficulty or achievement of a pose; it is an opportunity to take a peaceful flow and use it to lift oneself from depression and inner struggle. By empowering the grieving, this practice can help the student to find their individual ‘new normal’ in life.

The joy one feels on the mat can be held close to the heart and soul once off the mat as the student begins to learn to live without the loved one that has physically left this world. By finding new sources of joy in their life, the student can also begin to let go of the pain and suffering and begin to reconnect with love, laughter, and the joy of life.

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