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The Memories I Did Not Know I Missed

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

The summer of 2013 my dad lost his 8-year battle with cancer. If you have been through it, you know. Cancer is a club no one wants membership to, but once you are a card-carrying member you are no longer hesitant to tell others in the same boat how sorry you are, to offer a listening ear, and to just say “man – it’s so hard.”

About a week after the services for my dad had passed, I remember a family friend emailed my sisters and I photos he had taken from the church and the grave site. My initial reaction was “oh my – I don’t want to look at this.” It was all still so fresh and the pain still overwhelming. I clicked out of the email and tried to move on with my day.

About 6 months later, I had this distant memory, “I think someone sent us photos of Dad’s funeral.” By now, I was really missing my dad and looking back the day of the services is such a blur of emotion. I found the email and was some how joyful to see them. Yes – of course I was sad, but it was also moving to see the beautiful send off we had for my dad. I was warmed to see the family and friends in the background, many of whom I didn’t even remember being there. There were only about 6 photos, but it brought me great comfort.

Now, seven years after the passing of my dad, there are other connections lost that I wish we had. Of course we are still close with my dad’s closest friends, but there were so many work colleagues and friends from other facets of his life that we have lost touch with. Some of them shared beautiful memories with us at the wake, but now I can barely remember the details. And I certainly don’t have a way to connect to these people. I would have cherished a way to document and relieve the beautiful tributes given to my father, his work, and his life.

Regardless of when your loved one has passed,

Farewell Partners is honored to offer a solution that help's our clients and their families capture the lasting memory of those dear to them. 

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