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You Don’t Get A Map, You Get A Compass | Part I

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Farewell Partners is pleased to share part one from our recent chat with Cindy Hartner, author of “You Don’t Get a Map, You Get a Compass: A Journey from Sudden Loss to Joyful Life”. Below, you’ll hear about Cindy’s inspiration for her book, why the book is unique, as well as silver linings she found throughout the process. Be sure to check back for part two, which will focus on advice for those going through the grieving process.

What inspired you to write a book and share your story?

I wrote this book because there was nothing at the bookstore for me. I felt broken and I only knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to join a “support group” and I wasn’t ready to go to counseling – I hardly wanted to leave my house! I just wanted to read something from someone who had gone through something horrible and could give me hope that it was going to get better.

What makes your book unique and who do you think would find it helpful?

This book is unlike many grief books out there because it leads the reader through ways of self-discovery rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to grief and loss. It is designed to help anybody who has hit a dark place in their life. Originally, it was designed to help people who had suffered the loss of a person close to them, but it applies to so much more – health loss, job loss, relationship loss and more.

What were some of the unforeseen challenges of writing a book on such a personal topic?

This book is so personal that I had to write it in a way that taught the lessons in a broader sense. Everyone hears and learns things in a different way, and I wanted my voice to be open and approachable.

What were/are some silver linings you took away from your experience?

The biggest surprise was the little blurbs that people connect with, that makes something click for them, like “joy comes in little doses” and “I mourned the loss of the way it used to be.” It makes me so happy when something that I have said resonates with the reader and helps them transform to another level. This book was written to help anyone move through their experience of loss with a greater degree of confidence and the recognition that although this may be the most difficult time of their life, they will get through it and they are not alone in their experience.

If you’d like to learn more about Cindy’s story, we encourage you to buy her book, which can be found here, on Amazon. Stay tuned for part two of our conversation with Cindy, coming out soon!

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